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Thanks to its position in the countryside, Canto degli Alberti offers its guests the opportunity to practice the typical activities of the area, such as fishing and the search for mushrooms, chestnuts and truffles, all accompanied by an expert guide.


We put at your disposal a guide who lead you through the most beautiful places to go fishing . The different kinds of fishing that is possible to use are: fly fishing, spinning and carp fishing.

You can decide with the guide the places and the kind of fishing you prefer. The prices can change depending on the fisher’s needs, the use of a small fishing boat, with electric engine where it’s permitted, echosounder etc..

For informations: Antonio 349-8418957

Mushrooms e Chestnuts

To keep truly in contact with the nature in the appropriate seasons you can also gather mushrooms and chestnuts. In autumn our hills of chestnut trees and oaks are rich in mushrooms and chestnuts.

So in the permitted areas and periods we organize mushroom-picking expeditions for guests. The price will be arranged in advance with the owner.

For informations: Antonio 349-8418957


In the permitted periods and places we organize truffle-looking for. A guide with a truffle-dog will lead you in the richest places where you ‘ll admire this noble art (The truffle search).

Each expedition is organized only for 2 person. It’ s possible to buy truffles and the price depends on the kind of truffle and the period.

The expedition will be arranged in advance with the owner.

For informations: Antonio 349-8418957


For any sports loving guests, of Canto degli Alberti quite near they can find tennis, football, horseriding, rollerskating and fishing.

Spending a holiday in “Canto degli Alberti” opens up cultural and relaxing possibilities and sight seeing in fascinating places which so far you have only read about.

For those for whom quality food is appealing, there is ample opportunity nearby, to enjoy tradition local Tuscan-Umbrian specialities, particularly in Monterchi (a small mediaeval village with several restaurants and where Piero della Francesca left one of his most famous frescoes la Madonna del Parto) and in the surrounding area.